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Since I came to Toronto on 21th September, I studied English lessons from Monday to Friday, then, it's already the end of the month.


The weather here is colder than Taiwan, but I am getting familiar with it.


Now I wear T-shirt and short pants in my room although the temperature is only 12 degree. I feel that I am getting stronger now!


I still have problem with sleep, I wake up automatically at 5:30, cannot sleep tight.

Then, I feel sleepy when i am in the class. That's not good.


However, I study very hard and do my homework as good as I can. I hope I will have a great change after finishing lessons.


By the way, I love the scenes and enjoy my new life here.



There are some photos below, take a look!


Outlet nearby

The scene from my windows.

My hot teacher--Fillia.


Foods @ Hard rock cafe

CN tower

view of CN Tower

Winery near Niagara

Niagara on the lake


 Niagara Falls @ Canada

high wheel.


That's all.


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  • 沛
  • 氣色很好哦!
  • Thank you!

    dodel 於 2013/11/27 04:58 回覆

  • Max
  • Beautiful city, Great waterfall, Cool CN tower,Nice food, Big sky, Hot teacher and Your New life.
  • Thank you, hope I could share my life often.

    dodel 於 2013/11/27 11:28 回覆