Studying English is never easy, especially when you are in your country. However, it's also difficult to study abroad because you need to face new challenge in different country.

When I came to Toronto, I had insomnia in the first week due to jet lag. Besides, I didn't use to the cold weather as well as the transportataion. It was already 10-17 degree in September, and I only brought T-shirts, jeans and coats which were not enough. At that time, I was living at homestay that was from Iran. The food my host mother cooked was very delicious, but living there always made me feel like a fish without water. They spoke their language all the time and had many rules. Therefore, I could rarely practice my speaking. Fortunately, I only booked homestay for two months.

After I moved out, I started enjoying my life in Toronto. Cooking is my favorite habit after class, and supermarket shopping is my favorite activity also.

I hang out with my classmates who were from different countries really helped my to improve my English, most parts are speaking and listening. The most important is that we really had a great time. I think my first class and classmates are the best, and I will never forget them.

Time flies, I had stayed in intermediate class for three months so that I learned the same lessons and became bored. I felt that I didn't make progress and lacked motivation.

Someone told me if you feel bored in class, it's the time you must move up. It's a good advice because I passed the test and went to the high intermediate.

In the beginging, everything was difficult for me, but I was very lucky to have good teacher combination and my private tutor.(my private tutor=bf :P)

Even the lesson was very hard to understand, my teacher always explained every word patiently. Moreover, I often practiced grammar with my tutor after school. I learned more vocabulary from him and I laughed a lot.

I didn't have any expectation to meet a Canadian, but it is really a good motivation to study harder. In order to communicate with people who only speak English, I must improve my listening and speaking. Because it is the only one chance to have a conversation with him/her, and I can't always pause the conversation and ask them to repeat again and again.

For me, I want to not only pass my test, but also understand what people are talking and how I can response.

Although I know I have long way to go(learn Engligh), I have confidence with doing my best!


Listening radio and talking to someone speak in English are very important.

Hope you can improve yourself as well.




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