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   This Christmas vacation, I went to the United State alone. I traveled to NYC, Washington D.C. and Boston for two weeks. Although I had bad experiences at couchsurfing, I still came back to Toronto safety. And the story was happening from this moment....

    I had a bad mood when I was in the airplane which was heading to Toronto Island airport, because it was my first time in Toronto Island airport, I didn't know how I can take a ferry back to DT and I got lost. I went out to find the way and I met him who was smoking.

    He asked me if I was finding a ferry, I replied him and he pointed me the way. Just one second later, he seemed to change his mind and told me that he could bring me to the ferry. I smiled and thanked his kindness. Then we chatted a lot no matter we were line up or took a ferry and shuttle bus. I was so thankful because he totally changed my mood. When we were ready to take a subway, he asked for my number but my phone didn't work without top-up. However, I was so tired that I just washed my clothes and organised my stuffs, then I went to bed early.

    The next day, I woke up by a message "Testing". Therefore, I decided to top up my phone and then we started to contact.

    It's so amazing that someone bumped into you and then always makes you happy.

    Sometimes I feel we must know each other for a long time, and I even forgot I was speaking in English, except that I needed to check my dictionary. 

    Our first date was skatting with my friends, it was funny and painful because I fell dowm many times and got a lot of bruise. Although he is good at skatting, he kept taking care of me and avoided me falling down. I was so moved as he was not only patient but also considrate.

   We started dating.


   It just happened suddenly and quickly, we get along very well. I am so glad you came into my life. I am blessed.  


  Thanks my Hon Garret, you make me everyday.



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